Using worksheets for the waste management in companies can have some advantages by the fact of being an accessible tool, possessing a low cost and being accessed offline. However, on our current world, where the information comes extremely fast and the necessity of being always updated is essential, the time of using worksheets in the management is losing force for new technologies.

The adoption of a new software that allows the complete and integrated waste management, from the generation to the destination/final disposal is important so that the company can attend to PNRS and the other environmental laws.

Besides, all the involved on the management can work on a systematized and organized way, improving the management efficacy. The monitoring can be done in a virtual environment, which enables more agility on the processes and the security of information.  

The digital platform MyWaste permits the launching of the waste generation direct from the generating source through an app that captures pictures and the registration of non-conformities. All the information are available on the web system, which facilitates the monitoring and the processes management.

Documents management

To avoid environmental penalties, it is important that the company is always updated with the documentation referred to its licenses, permits and certificates and to the suppliers that provide service of collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal. Through automatic alerts, the controlling of documents gets more simplified and the manager does not need to worry about losing deadlines.

Documents emission

The environmental legislation demands the emission of some documents for the waste management. Documents as the Waste Transportation Manifest, the Emergency Form, as well as the envelope can be generated automatically through MyWaste.

Reports generation

Maintaining all the information updated in a safe and accessible environment is important once the organization has to prove the transportation and the final disposal of the waste to the environmental organs.

All the data from the generation, storage and discard of waste get centralized in the software, where they can be visualized and monitored by managerial reports and graphics in real time, serving as a basis for decision taking and availability of information to the environmental organs, avoiding information loss and fails on the process. The software facilitates all the process and avoids that the companies suffer sanctions by the non-compliance with legislation.

The management software institute a tool that helps on the strategical decision taking generating value to the organizations. The management mistakes in worksheets are eliminated once the information are centralized and make automatic correlation.

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