How can an app and a waste management software revolutionize the collecting control of your company?

The digital platform is performed for any company that needs to control its collections in a fast and efficient way. Using geo-localization, MyWaste enables the accompanying in real time of each collect, besides the time of input and output, measuring the time of movement of each route.

Thanks to the use of the collection app integrated to the web system, the information are updated instantly, once each collection registering is done in real time by the team in the field. This interactivity brings a huge differential, because it permits that the manager realizes the accompanying in real time of the service that is being provided as well as the verification of possible occurrences.  

When a collection is realized, it is possible to register pictures of the collected waste as well as pictures of the collection point after realizing the collection. The app also permits to photograph any kind of occurrence during the operations, guarantying a better accompanying. Besides, if the gadget is offline in the moment of the collection, for example, it is possible to inform and, when the internet is reestablished, MyWaste will do the information transmission automatically.

All these facilities permit an improvement of the collection control, becoming it easy, secure and with no use of papers and spreadsheets, and thereafter the clients can receive an access to a web interface to accompany the situation of the collections, the emission of documents as the MTR and the Certificate, as well as they will be able to receive notifications from the system in an automatic way, by email, in each realized collection. 

This intelligent monitoring, with the real time accompanying, optimizes the logistical processes and contributes for centered management on the business indicators. With this, your company can achieve even bigger levels of excellence. Some of the main benefits to accompany the collections in real time are:

  • Accompany in real time the order of the collection execution;
  • Increase the traceability of the collected waste;
  • Improve the transparency with the client;
  • Eliminate the use of paper and management spreadsheets;
  • Economy with rework and time reduction and economy with gas because of the optimized routes.

Summarizing, the main reason to have the collection management in real time is to improve the efficacy on the controlling processes. After all, you will have total control above the operation, since the truck leaves your company until the moment that it arrives to the final destination.

Who acts in the logistical segment knows that communication is a determined factor to the operational success. Therefore, the implementation of a specialized software maintains your company competitive. As well it reduces communication fails and gives more agility to the collection management. It is a solution that permits the central and the collection team to be connected all the way, and they can inclusively include a new collection on a route in progress.


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