How can a software facilitate the waste management of your company?

The management of the solid waste is a strategical question and legally approached by the Solid Waste National Politics (Política Nacional dos Resíduos Sólidos, PNRS, in Portuguese). The main purpose of PNRS is to define the order of priority according to each kind of waste, besides indicating technological alternatives for its specific treatment and/or destination.

Through the waste management control, the companies can obtain opportunities as the identification of inefficiencies on the productive process, the reduction of costs and waste as well as improving the revenue through the selling of recyclables.

However, this control is still made in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and papers, which can difficult the generation of indicators in a fast and efficient way and even occur some data loss related to the management.

This way, management waste software, like MyWaste, contemplates since the generation until the destination. It controls what waste, generated source and the quantity that was generated, the periods, as well as the way it was destined.

Besides, it generates automatically some documents that are necessary to the process and required by the environmental legislation. This way, it is possible to create goals to prevention, reduction, recycle, reuse and correct destination of the solid waste.

Many controls are possible through MyWaste software, among them:

Documents control

To avoid environmental penalties, it is important that the company is always correct with the documentation referred to its licenses, permits and certificates. Besides monitoring the deadline about its documents, it is possible to control supplier’s licenses that render service of collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of the generated waste.

Automatic documents emission

The environmental legislation demands the emission of some documents to the waste management. Documents as the Waste Transportation Manifest, the Emergency Form, as well as the envelope can be generated automatically through MyWaste.

Controlling of waste generation, storage and destination

Maintaining all the information updated in a safe and accessible environment is important, once the organization has to prove the transportation and the final disposal of the waste to the environmental organs.

All the data from the generation, storage and waste discard are centralized in the software, where they can be viewed and monitored through management reports and graphics in real time, serving as base to the decision taking and to information available to the environmental organs. Avoiding loss of information and fails in the process. The software facilitates all the process and avoids that the companies suffer sanctions by not obeying the law.

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