MyWaste launches a new website to improve the user’s management

It is with a great pride that we launch, officially, on the internet, the new MyWaste website. We optimized all the areas for a better experience of our user, as well as the functionality of each page once our platform has 5 versions: shipping, generator, final disposal, consulting and cooperative.

On our website you can find weekly texts about news, legislation and everything that is new about management waste, besides becoming automated the process of information management to the companies that work with waste.

The website is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, with accessibility in computers, cell phones and tablets.

We also have a space if you would like to contribute with your suggestions. Remembering that MyWaste customers have an exclusive access area with personalized login and password to access the wishing settings in the platform.

Our team dedicated hours of work and a lot of effort for this day to come!

We thank everybody that worked on this project nonstop!

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