MyWaste app has the signature capture, GPS, Picture, Bar Code, Date and Time, Volume and Type of waste

Within the main goals on the day by day of companies that provide collection and waste transportation is the lack of innovative resources to become the activities more dynamic and patterned, once it is common the use of forms in paper to data registration and control, which generates reworks with typing in spreadsheets and increases the risk of mistakes.

Because of these and of other reasons that the use of technology for data collection in the field has been gaining space among the companies, providing a better operational efficiency and guaranteeing more precise information and, at the same time, improving the quality on the services.

An example of a technology developed to help on the waste collection is MyWaste, an online software and app for waste management and, during the collection process, by the app, it can be captured:

  • GPS coordinates: the app captures the vehicle coordinates during the route execution, allowing the company to accompany the route traveled, the stopping sites of the vehicle and the places where the collection was realized;
  • Bar code or QR code: through the reading of bar codes or QR codes it can be identified the collection places or the waste collected;
  • Photographical evidences of the collection: the app permits to capture pictures before and after the waste collection in each customer, the evidences can be seen in the web system to be conferred or to generate reports;
  • Date and time of the collection registration: the capture of the collection date and time is done automatically through the app and is maintained in the collection history of each customer;
  •  The user that registered the collection: the registration of the responsible user for the collection realization is also captured automatically by the app and it keeps in the collection history of the system;
  • Kind of waste: in each collection it has to be indicated in the app the kind of waste that is being collected in the customer and, to prove it, the app permits to capture photographical evidences before and after the waste collection;
  • Waste volume: for each collected waste the user needs to register the volume that is being collected, otherwise, it is not possible to finish a collection in the app;
  • Signature: in the end of a collection, the customer has the option of conferring the registered data in the app and realize the collection signature in the mobile device. The system maintains the collection signature history of each customer.

Technologies, like MyWaste, provide an advance in the quality of the collection process, guaranteeing transparency and traceability of the waste, optimizing processes and facilitating the controlling and the waste management that are collected and disposed.

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