When it comes to the waste collection logistics, the apps can be big allies, once they can help to accompany the work of external teams, permitting that the collections be launched in real time for the client with picture capture and digital signature. Thus, there is the elimination of paper in the collection, more precise data and reduction of works and reworks.

Within this context, create routes through a platform that is efficient, intuitive and hand in more productivity to the companies that collect and transport waste is something that becomes fundamental.

Not counting on the technology support becomes the work not only more difficult, but also confused, generating operational problems and more costs, delays, technical difficulties and, consequently, loss.

Through these tools, the managers can obtain the information more precisely. They can plan the routes, analyze if what was planned is being done and, on the contrary, understand the reasons why the plans changed and also know:

  • the moment to realize the collections in each customer;
  • distancing and expected time to the execution of the routes;
  • the quantity of collections that will be realized;
  • status in real time about the route progress.

Everything starts with a simple route sent to the smartphones of the collectors daily. From there, it is up to the teams to do the route by the app and be in charge of the collection registering, with photograph capture and digital signature of the customer.

With it the company eliminates the reworks and the use of paper in the collections and through the routing by the app the collection teams spend less time with displacement, because they can avoid to travel in congested lanes for example, increasing the collection productivity and reducing costs to the company.

The investment in technology promotes the automatization of the activities, guarantying more agility, increasing the productivity, improving the communication, facilitating the access and the information sharing, more security and data reliability, reduction of costs, among other many advantages.

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