Save time and money with the optimized routes in MyWaste

The optimization of the transportation routes in a company helps on the cost reduction with maintenance, gas, people, shipping and generates a better productivity. Planning the routes manually is a hard work and surely it makes your company lose much time and money, limiting your growing and the achievement of new customers.

Besides, many times the manager has to wake up hours earlier to organize the routes and to communicate the drivers, many sheets of paper are printed in order to know the routes and to fulfill the execution of the collection, which is the driver’s responsibility. At the end of the route, all the data put on the paper are given back to be digitalized in an electronic spreadsheet, increasing the risk of mistakes and of information being lost during all this way.

All this work can be optimized with the use of a good route planning system that helps to diminish some costs for your company, to increase the productivity and still optimize the shipping saving fuel expenses and vehicle maintenance.

MyWaste is a digital platform that centralizes all the information of the waste collection management and performs the routing for each vehicle. With it you will know previously the weather forecast and estimated kilometers to execute each route, helping on the evaluation of the route operational cost and helps your team planning an optimized way for the vehicle shipping.

Monitor in real time when it will be the next customer’s collection, manage the collection solicitations and assemble the routes on an optimized way considering the best way and the time restriction of each customer, and stop working with information on the paper.

This way your company ensures agility, speed and punctuality on the collections. You conquer the customer’s satisfaction finalizing the collection at the combined time. Besides, the tool maintains all the waste traceability, since the collection moment until the final destination, permitting the customer to have access and receive information in real time, including the MTRs, the final disposal certificates, the photographical evidence of the collection, the GPS coordinates and the signature of the responsible for the collection.


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