The 5 renewable energies that will change the energetic paradigm

In a society more and more conscious about the necessity to take care of the environment and the value of sustainability to advance to a greener world, the industries are betting on cleaner energies and less contaminants to be able to reduce the CO2 emissions in our planet. But, as citizens, how can we contribute? We can start changing to a more sustainable energy.

The energy sector is making some steps on the energetic transition, substituting the fossil fuels for more sustainable alternatives to face the climate changes. But, what are they? What options are there?

These are the 5 renewable energies that exist:

Solar energy

The first thing it comes to our mind when we talk about this energy is the Sun. Besides being a star that allows surviving, it also supplies us one of the cleanest and renewable energies that exist: the sunlight.

Solar panels are used to collect this energy. However, it can be difficult to store it because if it is not used instantaneously, it will be wasted.

Electricity companies like Audax Renovables and Axpo Iberia use sunlight to generate energy. If you want to know what are the cheapest taxes, it can be made through an electricity comparator. 


This renewable energy consists in using the organic matter, from vegetal or animal original, as a source of energy. To get this transformation, it is necessary to burn the referred organic matter that produces CO2, therefore, it is not a clean energy. Firewood, chips and pellets are some of the main fuels obtained by the biomass.


The Eolic energy, one of the most sustainable energies, is one of the bets for the future. The electricity is generated through the wind’s force. This one can move the windmill blades and then produce the necessary energy.

This energy has many benefits to help reducing the impact of the climate changes, as to be clean. But, not all of them are advantages for the environment, there is also some disadvantages, which we have already talked about in the article “the impact of the renewable energies”.


As we have seen that the Eolic energy is generated through the wind’s force, the hydraulic energy is obtained harnessing the kinetic energy of the water flows. This, as the Eolic energy, can be converted into electricity.

The hydroelectric plants are responsible for damming the river water into dams, which is liberated by the moving of turbines and generation of electric energy.


We have seen that the water and the wind are two resources that are used to produce energy, but can it come from heat? The answer is in the geothermal energy, which is obtained harnessing the internal heat of Earth.

On the contrary of other renewable energies, this one is available all over the world. We do not need to wait to it to come to us, we can take it. Besides, it does not emit any CO2.


We will never stop consuming energy because we need it to live. That is why it is important that, in a not very far future, the renewable energies completely substitute the fossil fuels. An example that shows that both society and companies walk into a more sustainable world is the emergence of electric cars, getting more and more common.

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