The importance of data and evidence for the environmental control

The stage of collection, registering and data analysis and implementation held by Information Technology is so important that, on November 10th 2022, COP27, dedicated a whole day only for this theme.

The second day of COP27, held in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, also called the Science Day, was composed by discussion panels and events to present the result of the reports and their recommendations and to increase even more the engagement from the climate community and professionals and form different parts interested on it, to discuss and get involved on the callings and discoveries related to the climate changes.

According to the president from COP27, Sameh Shoukry, “science develops a fundamental role on the information of the climate process, providing evidence and critical numbers to build the action case and the urgency on implementation. This way, it is expected that all the participants of our thematic day about science leave with a stronger desire to find out solutions based on science and an implementation plan that do not leave anybody behind. Although we can not come back on time on the melting glaciers and reverse the global emissions, we can stop going back on our commitments and slow down, even stop part of the impact on the climate changes, using science to find out solutions.”

The panels and discussion from the day reported the necessity of information based on science to support the implementation. As well, during the day, the politics formulators met and, through the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel about Climate Changes) data, promoted the support and the commitment to realize the planning through data and evidence that are informed by science.  

Finally, the day ended with many messages, as the importance of scientific developments and the investigation to solve the catastrophic problems long term that the world faces as a result of the climate alterations. It is a necessity that the scientists need to do more to make their data available and understandable to help the politics formulators to fight the climate changes. Lastly, the human beings change the climate and need to find ways to collaborate for the stability.

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