The importance of the suppliers’ qualification

In the waste management, generating and supplier companies must work aligned searching for the best alternatives to manage the waste, since the Solid Waste National Politics (Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos, in Portuguese), instituted by the Law nº 12305/2010, has as one of its fundamental principles the shared responsibility by the life cycle of the products.

Therefore, when the generators choose to outsource the management of their waste, it is fundamental that they stablish a qualification politic and an evaluation of the suppliers.

The audition and the suppliers’ qualification are interesting ways that the generating companies can use to avoid future problems, because even not being the direct responsible for the waste management, the generator can be accountable and punished for any prejudice to the environment or to human health caused by their suppliers.

It is important the supplier to be qualified before the beginning of the services, for that, it is up to the generator to analyze the legal requirements necessary from the suppliers.

Your company must request all the documentation from the supplier in order to ensure the execution of the activities according to the legal requirements, like the environmental license, registrations, registration data and certifications. The use of self-evaluation questionnaires can also be used during the suppliers’ qualification period.

Accomplishing a presential audit in the supplier is extremely important, because it is during the visitation that it can be detected some possible problems that would not be noticed only with the documental analysis. For example, evaluate if the supplier’s collaborators use the necessary EPIs during the execution of the activities and if they comply with the labor legislation.

Counting on qualified suppliers to accomplish the data services, shipping and final disposal from your company’s generated waste is essential to the image of your business.

For that there are some tools, like MyWaste, where the generating companies can control the deadlines of the environmental licenses, conditioning and suppliers’ registration, receive alerts if a supplier is not able to accomplish the shipping or to receive any kind of waste generated by your company, besides, the software permits the registration and the filing of vouchers and documents referred to the shipping and to the final disposal of the waste.

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