The transformation of non-recyclable plastics into resistant roofs

The transformation  of non-recyclable  plastics into resistant roofs

Most of people presume that all plastics are recyclable, but it is not always like that. Those plastics that come together with metals, dyes or glues, like toothpaste tubes, are not able to be recycled.

From a new technological development, leaded by the Indian Rahul Chaudhar, it became possible that these plastics have a second useful life without polluting the environment.

This technology is unique and can recycle plastics with many layers, including toothpaste tubes, chocolate plastic film and even bubbles of medicine pills.

Chaudhar deals with the non-recyclable waste transformation into construction panels since 2014, transforming them into construction materials.

Through the plastic waste, he produces blades of several thicknesses that substitute ecologically the metal ad cement plaques, besides plywood and asbestos tiles (material that OMS considers carcinogen).

The manufacturing of the “Ricron panels”, a name that Chaudhar gave to these panels, evolves a process that starts with the careful selection of the collected plastics for, after, be washed and crushed. So, the raw material transforms itself into flakes that result in different mixes according to the product’s quality to be obtained.

A bet on the circular economy

This enterprise is an example of some companies’ profile that bet on the circular economy, a model that aims to reduce the negative impact of the industries on the environment.

On its elaboration it is used a mix of PEBD, PET, PVC, PP, polyester and aluminum, among other components, that is then submitted to a patented process of heat and pressure.

This way, it is reused significant quantities of plastic waste that, if they were not disposed to this issue, would become one more source of water pollution.

This way that Chaudhar referred to the environmental actions that he executes in his companies:

“The Ricron Panels can not only deal with the enormous load of plastic waste but also they can reduce the logging and the mining activities, promoting then a circular economy and, at the same time, reducing the emission of gases of greenhouse effect.”

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