Why we should undertake sustainably

The human being has a problem of consumerism: we always need “things”, want “things”, buy “things”. We have them, use them and after we do not know what to do with them. Many times we do not even question, we simply discard them without asking ourselves the consequences of this use and consumption. So, they end up being wastes that, only occasionally, have a good recycling practice.

Between the 80s and 90s decade, the greenwashing became known and the propagandas made us believe that we could consume with total freedom and reliability, because after, the big companies would care about the sustainable practices. However, these practices do not depend only from the companies. And here we let a big truth: “only 15% of the annual plastic use and consumerism is separated and recycled.” What about the other part? The rest ends up in open landfills.


A new challenge on the undertake field is coming to change our economy. It is about the power to undertake and manage a conscious, inclusive and empathetic perspective with the current days and the environmental reality that we are living in.

Each day the climate crisis takes a stronger step and shows us, with facts, the reality in which we are living in! It is an hourglass that does not stop. That’s why we do need to become enterprises of a triple impact, that’s why we do need to reflect and rethink about our actions and consequences with and for the planet, and also for us!

Being sustainable is an invitation to play and to explore creativity, searching constantly for new ways of producing, consuming and innovating on each action. It is also to leave the comfort of the traditional economical system, to invite us constantly to challenge ourselves. Besides, it implicates on incorporating social and environmental values on our decisions, as well as having the initiative to reeducate us. Learn. It is to have alliances to reach common goals. It is moving in the direction of a more sustainable future.

We live in a world and in a society governed by economic ways and laws that have been dragging on for years, without being questioned, evaluated, changed. From our role of entrepreneurs and actors/actresses in the economy in general, we are also responsible for starting acting in a different way towards this. Our goal is to redraw the business model not only for having an economical benefit, but also for expanding this benefit on the environmental and social impact that challenges us daily.  


Be aware, understand the social and environmental impact that we generate as humanity and, therefore, that we generate from our companies and their actions.

On this process of rethinking the way as the companies work so far, we are pioneers and eternal learners, that’s why we must be empathetic with ourselves, knowing that we are talking about an imperfect way, but with a continuous improvement.

When we talk about being a sustainable company, we try to be consistent in all our activities, either in the visible actions towards our customers or internally, having a system according to our ideals and then transferring it to suppliers, work team, neighbors, organizations, etc.

 We invite you to challenge the conventional, the known.

If you do not know, in 2015 it was defined global goals, also known as sustainable development goals that aim about building a better world. It has as a main purpose to end with poorness, to fight against inequality and act urgently on the climate changes.

These are initially the 17 subjects, from now on it is everybody’s responsibility to act for a better future.


Each one, at their reach, with little actions, can contribute to a more hopeful reality. We let a series of ideas so that you can rethink and inspire yourself for your enterprise/company:

Communicate, spread values. Be capable of sharing information and specific data from the environmental reality, on a way that you contaminate other people and that there are more and more responsible consumers and conscious people. Because the change is collective!

Produce and offer the best product that is within your reach. And here we want to emphasize the conscious to offer a product that cares about the society’s irrational consumerism where we live in. Our purpose is to offer a quality product, functional, durable and, if it is possible, the chance to fix it, giving it back to be inserted in the economy on a productive way. Providing the best products helps saving the planet.

Rethink, inside your company, which are the wastes that you generate and, through this, see how they can be transformed in resources within the organization, as well as look for partners that can insert them in their value chain.

Implementing lectures, debates, trainees, places for exchanging and learning about sustainable and environmental issues can help to accelerate the process.

If you work with product selling, we recommend you to rethink about your production processes. Make people aware about the water consumerism and that the carbon footprint generated by the shipment and delivery of the products be rentable. Supporting and promoting the local consumerism is a great alternative.

If you sell services, we suggest you to be alert to communication, knowing that it also exists the digital pollution and that it generates environmental effects that damage the planet.


Control and reduce the use of energy. Something so simple as, for example, in the end of each day to turn off all the electronic devices from the outlets.

Save paper. It is a material used in all the companies and causes several environmental problems like logging, climate changes, etc. The systems of file digital sharing can be used to reduce or eliminate the use of paper.  

Collaborate with social actions. With little gestures you can help many people or organizations.

These are some of the infinite daily actions that can make part of the change.   


Source: https://www.bioguia.com/ambiente/por-que-deberiamos-emprender-de-manera-sostenible_97465225.html


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