How can the bureaucracy be diminished in your company and the profitability be increased?

If we go through History to search the beginning of bureaucracy, we will evidence that it was created to facilitate the administrative processes.

But how could a system be created to standardize the processes in the organizational scope, nowadays, accumulate, disturb, spend time, subtract costs?

All companies have bureaucratic processes to be accomplished, to authorize some procedures it is necessary to pass through someone that authorizes, usually based on a hierarchical model, somehow we are dependent on bureaucracy.

The plastering processes are something extremely prejudicial to the organizational routine, sometimes they reproduce some extremely embarrassing situations to their employees, because they depend on the signature collection, document verification in the local and check list filling, taking a lot of time.

Sometimes this format is so incorporated in the routine that the managers and employees do not notice, but, on the other hand, it can be compromising the image of the company. Besides, the client can start seeing the company with a bad view, because the company cannot control the negative situation generated by the slowness that the bureaucracy determines in its processes.

In this way, this model has to pass through a fast recycling, accompanying the new tendencies, developing the administration and, also, it should increase the profitability of the organization.

But how? The technology is one of the main ways, the bureaucratic process must accompany and modify itself according to the new software and apps, aiming the improvement in the procedures.

Have you ever thought on how your client would feel if he/she received a message warning that the waste would be collected in his/her company?

And if your collector entered with a smartphone, registered the information with two touches on the screen, collected the digital signature of the client, photographed the packaging and left, all in less than 30 seconds?

What impression about agility would your clients have about your company?

And besides, right after, your client can receive another message, now with the quantity, his/her digital signature of the collection and the value to pay.

With MyWaste the bureaucracy and the technology are together, monetizing your business. That’s why be conscious that you should hire MyWaste digital platform. Your processes will be streamlined quickly, optimizing the time, so a bigger number of activities can be realized generating a bigger demand of attendance.


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