The environmental impact is the alteration in the environment by some action or activity from the human beings. It is caused by the imbalance caused by the shock of the relationship from the men with the environment. Nowadays there is a conscientization from humanity, and it is determining new behaviors and demanding new measures in […]

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Each type of waste has a specific process of collection, storage, transportation, recycling and final disposal. The way that the collecting company works the differences on the processes reflects considerably on the waste operational development. Let’s stablish some fundamental points about efficient internal procedures, since the planning until the action execution. To help on this […]

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The change of habits influences directly on the way how society relates with the excessive consumerism. Many countries and cities have attitudes and involvement with technology in favor of evolving the idea of taking care of the planet.             Some good examples to be followed:             Germany is the world leader in solid waste technologies […]

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