The fear of changing due to implanting new software in your organization

We start from the aspect that the fear is not negative itself, it is an aspect, a basic emotion, necessary, so that we can be truly complete. That’s why all change creates fear, mainly because it takes to the unknown, to a strange world, that takes you out of your comfort zone. But if nothing changes and everything maintains static, you will never be afraid, correct?

That is what sometimes happens on your organization, when you do not accept the change because you are afraid, afraid of the unknown, afraid of getting out of the comfort zone, afraid of having a little more work in certain moments. Even if, after the change, a lot of people will have more free time, the process will never go on.

But it is now that we need to face, make different, because the current moment asks for innovation to move forward, the sustainable scenery is moving up and you need to change. This way, step by step you will start enjoying the benefits of changing, and then you will be prepared to any change, that’s why we assure you, invite the fear to participate!

When you let the change to happen, sometimes in the end of the day you will be shaking with fear, out of your comfort zone, but it will arrive the moment that you will become the first-class passenger, the tourist having special attention. It is by this way that we learn how to face the fear.

So, the implementation of changes in your organization keeps putting you in constant adaptations, it keeps “provoking” you in each new situation, and this will be a way to put you in test, even with all your memory files about the process. That’s why the new always surprises, it brings elements that our mind can not predict, and that is what fascinates! Changes will give you vitality… more liveliness, joy and energy.

When it finally can be noticed, we are in peace with the new, with the change, and it keeps clear that changes have to be constant and it is vital in our existence.

That’s why it is necessary to implement a tool like MyWaste in your organization. But, for the fear not to win or for the implantation process not be hard, we are going to pass some precious tips:

– Choose the correct platform before you implant. Many organizations do not observe this important phase. Invest time to know the solution supplier, his methodologies and his tradition in the job, do not focus only on the cost. Search for specialized platforms, that attend your necessities.

– Search for the managers’, directors’, partners’ and shareholders’ support. It is fundamental that the high administration supports the platform implantation, the knowledge will be acquired faster if everybody notices that all the people are incorporated to the change.

– Engage your team, if you got the support of the high administration, now stimulate everybody’s effort. Ask for inserting all the possible information, make the team understand that they indeed have to use the platform. Also, help to analyze those extra sheets, verify if the system englobes these data.

– The responsibility of the implantation success is not only of the hired supplier, do not invest only on him the hope of changing. The supplier has the knowledge of the tool, but who masters your process is you and your own team.

– Define the responsible ones and the key-users, it is important that on the implantation phase the leaders are already defined, search for coworkers that have reference on the multiple areas, those ones that can solve the doubts on your absence and that can help you with all the implantation process.

– Stablish goals and targets of the platform implantation. Even if the software implantation provides more short-term agility and productivity, it is necessary to stablish some goals, this will help the team to create their routine with the new system.

–  Training is fundamental, do not reduce hours of training from the team that will use the platform, because of the cost, this can be more expensive that you thought of. The team that will use the platform after the implantation need to be properly capable at the end of this process.

– Document all the implantation process, this is a crucial moment of knowledge acquisition. It is on this moment that many processes of your organization can be reviewed and shortened. Besides, the creation of the documentation can avoid reworks in the future, mainly if there will be eventual changes on the team.

– Monitor the use of the tool. It is common that, within time, the users, especially the ones that did not participate on the implantation process, start not using some of the functionalities, coming back to the habit of adopting sheets and parallel controls.

– Define a date to eliminate the other tools. Many organizations end up maintaining some relation with the old tool and this can difficult the routine for the reason of keeping two controls. The positive results will appear from the moment that all the team includes the habit of using the system to realize the management daily.

Face the fear of changing, implant MyWaste platform and receive profitability, organization, transparency, traceability and time.


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