UNO has announced! First global treaty to stop the plastic pollution

The implementing of measures that reduce the tons of waste that damage and threat biodiversity will be essential to fight pollution through the ratification of international treaties. 

It is of paramount importance to highlight the international interest of the main actives about the urgence of immediate actions to mitigate the effects of the climate changes and to reduce the impact in society and in the ecosystems through different perspectives.

In this sense, the commitment is fundamental. However, the law must guarantee the environmental responsibility and to ratify action plans and resolutions to control and to regulate the activities that generate a negative impact to the environment.

To comprehend the reality, to analyze it and, consequently, to offer viable alternatives to it, takes to an increasing need of an accordance among the several organs. So that, around 450 specialists and scientists, together with the support of a fervorous civil society, gave a historical step in terms of environment.

The meeting site was in Kenya, in which they got into an agreement to realize nothing more than the first International Treaty that aims to mitigate the plastic pollution. Through this initiative, they seek to analyze its life cycle, taking into consideration its productive process until the discard.

It is necessary to underline that this global environmental problem has been increasing considerably, generating irreparable consequences in the specie. It constitutes one of the biggest environmental threats and, as it is not enough, it is known that it takes hundreds of years to decompose.

The truth is that the Treaty will begin to be elaborated from June on of this current year and it will be finished before the end of 2024. After they will have to appeal to the participation of the countries to reaffirm this measure that has as a main purpose to provide new perspectives to fight plastic pollution present in our day-by-day.

The members of the Global Alliance to Incineration Alternatives (GAIA) have pronounced:

“A Plastic Global Treaty, following the stablished plan in today’s mandate would get together to the Montreal Protocol and to the Paris Climate Agreement, as one of the most important international environment laws of History. The support to a global treaty about plastics is impressive: more than a thousand groups from civil society, 450 scientists and more than a million people all around the world have added to the call.”

Author: Julieta Pilatti



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